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What are the best files types to supply for my artwork?

PDF (High resolution)
TIFF (CMYK, 300dpi if possible)
JPG (CMYK, 300dpi if possible)

For the best results supply your artwork at full size if possible. If this makes the file size too large you can reduce the size by 50% and we will enlarge it for print.


All images should be CMYK and a minimum of 100dpi when at full print size. If they are part of a pdf or ai file they should be embedded.


All fonts should be converted to paths.

My artwork is too large to upload or email

If this is the case you have these options:-

1: Upload to Dropbox or Google drive and email us the link to share the file.
2: Visit where you can send files up to 2gb for FREE.

Colour format

All artwork should be supplied in CMYK, if at all possible as each colour, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black correspond to the inks used by our printers. When converting from RGB to CMYK the colours may alter, especially the brighter colours. This is because RGB (Red, Green, Blue) only really exist on screens so are more vivid than CMYK which exists in the real world.

Pantone or spot colours

Please convert all pantone colours and spot colours to their CMYK equivalent values.

Black printing

When setting the colour black for any part of your design it’s always best to use this CMYK setting C=75 M=68 Y=67 K=90. This will make a true black. Setting your black to  C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100 will only produce a grey colour, see the image below.

true black

Print bleeds and crop marks

We do not need artwork supplied with bleeds or crop marks just your artwork at the correct size or a percentage smaller for us to resize.

My artwork is unsuitable for print

If you can only supply low resolution images, Microsoft word files, images saved from your web site etc, we may still be able recreate your design from them.

To find out more about our design services click below

We off a free layout design service to our customers.

Simply send us any design files that you have or a rough sketch of what you want on your banners.
We will design a layout for your banners and email it to you to approve.

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