Large Banners

We have supply Large Banners, as well as small and medium sized PVC banners. We can make banners as big and as super wide as you want, big enough to wrap a whole building. Of course, due to the size of these banners they need to be made from a very strong material. This is were mesh PVC banner material comes into play. It’s a material that is full of tiny holes which enable to the air to flow through it, which is vital for protecting large mesh banners in adverse weather conditions. It helps to stop them blowing and flapping about, like a ship’s sail preventing the banner from eventually being damaged.

We recommend that any banner over 8m square should be made from mesh material. In addition to using mesh material for our big banners we also reinforce them hems with a touch webbing material. This is welding into each hem as they are being manufactured, before the eyelets are added.

Large Banners – PVC Banners

All of our banners and mesh banners:

  • Can be made to any size required
  • Have plenty of eyelets
  • Come with reinforced hems
  • Are printed using solvent based UV inks

If you are interested in our banners, view our large banner price list

Our large banners are printed using UV inks

Our large banners are an exceptional way to get your message across and get your business seen in a big way. We print in full colour using solvent based UV inks which means the colour exceptionally vibrant. So whatever you’re requirements, we are certain to have the solution. Please contact us if you have any questions or to discuss your requirements.

Contact us for a quote, providing details about the size and quantity of banners you require.