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Logo Design & Artwork Services

If you don’t have access to you logo or graphics or what you do have they have, has been saved from your website. This is not ideal because what looks good on a computer screen at 2″ long will not look good blown up to three feet wide on a banner.
A screen’s resolution is only 72 dpi, which is ok when looking at graphics on a website but print requires a much higher resolution. If the resolution is too low the print will be blurry, washed out and pixelated.

This may apply to you, maybe you do have a logo but it only exists on your website or you don’t have one at all, we can help by either redrawing your logo at a high resolution or designing you one from scratch. We can even create a whole new brand for your business, a fresh new look to help you stand out from the you competitors. Working from a simply sketch supplied by you, we can design a logo that presents your business in a unique and professional way. Contact us for more information about our logo design and graphic design services.

Our design services are:-

  • Design from scratch or have your current logo redrawn in high resolution.
  • Graphic design for print, banners, stationary, leaflets and flyers etc.
  • Branding creation to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Below are some logo design examples.

Logos redrawn

Logo Design & Web Design

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