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Buy Scaffold Signs

Buy Scaffold signs at all sizes and any quantity, however the size of these is 1m wide x 2m high, including sleeves. We print them in full colour on reinforced, total block PVC and only use solvent based UV inks. 

Our scaffold signs

Advertise your business and the services you offer on our scaffold signs. We make them at any size from a tough, reinforced PVC. We use high quality, solvent based UV inks ensuring colours remain vivid and vibrant for longer. Printed in full colour ensures your design is eye catching to help you attract the attention of potential customers.  Adding your choice of colours, logo, graphics and images will keep your design consistent with your company branding. The scaffold signs that we supply are the ideal way to advertise in a big way.

Scaffold signs specifications

Size: 1m wide x 2m high including the sleeves top and bottom.
Print: Full colour print on both sides in solvent based UV inks
PVC: Reinforced total block
Eyelets: 1 eyelet in each corner on the sleeve weld.

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