Scaffold Banner FAQ's


How large can the banners be made?

They can be made to any size, large enough to wrap a building, litterally.

What PVC thickness are your double sided banners?

Our double sided scaffold banners are a 700 gram weight, which is thicker than the standard banner thickness. The banners are total block which means between the front and back of the banner there is a black membrane which makes the PVC totally opaque so you can’t see the design on the reverse when it’s on the scaffold.

What size are you standard scaffold banners?

The standard size banners measure 1m x 1m including pockets for scaffolding poles top and bottom. Other sizes are available, CLICK HERE to contact us with the sizes you require.

What is the turnaround time on an order?

This depends on how busy we are at the time you place your order, generally we can deliver within 7 working days though when we are very busy the turnaround time may be around 10 days.

How do i pay for my order?

The best way to pay for an order is online using direct transfer of funds, this ensures the payment is in our account almost immediately so we can start to process your order. We do not take card payments at present though you can pay by card when using PAYPAL or if you prefer you can pay using your PAYPAL account if you have one.

What is meant by ‘Free artwork layout service’?

This simply means, we will layout the information that you have supplied us for your banners, we’ll choose a typeface, colour and layout, if need be.  If you require more design work than this or if a logo design is required there will be an additional charge. If you supply a low resolution logo it will have to be redrawn as low resolution artwork will not look very good when printed. This means the design on your banners will not be vibrant and colourful as it is supposed to be.

 What is digital printing?

This means whatever design that is on the computer screen will be printed directly onto the white banner material, all colours at once. It’s very similar to printing something at home on your printer, you press print and out comes a full colour print. The differences are the printer that prints onto banners uses water resistant UV inks and can print on PVC rolls measuring 5m wide.

full colour mesh banners

If you don’t have a memorable design or logo for your banner project, don’t worry, we can provide a design service.

Just let us know the message you want to say, the colours you would like and any graphics you want to include and we will do the rest….its as simple as that!

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