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Scaffolding Banners

Our screen printed Scaffolding Banners are made from a tough, reinforced, heavy duty PVC and have sleeves for scaffold poles at the top and bottom. They are printed double sided on total block white PVC so the design on the reverse cannot be seen from the front. We do print on other colours but the Total Block White PVC is the only true double sided material as it has a sheet of black PVC sandwiched between two sheets of white which makes it totally opaque.

With screen printing each colour has to be printed separately from its own screen. This means the more colours in your design, the more screens needed. So if your design has a lot of colours digitally printed banners may be more suitable to your needs.


digitally printed graphics , signs and banners

Scaffold & Standard Banners

Our Digitally printed scaffolding banners can be printed in as many colours as you want. Which is ideal for logos or designs that have a lot of colours in them.

Any banners that are larger then the standard meter square will need to be printed this way. They can also be made to any size and shape, square, long or tall, which comes in handy for those larger scaffolding jobs.


They can be printed on reinforced PVC or MESH airflow material which allows the wind to blow through tiny holes in the mesh.


large format digital printing for banners

Scaffold & Standard Banners

These Digitally printed large format banners are printed in glorious full colour just like our standard digitally printed banners. The only diference is, THEY ARE HUGE!

They are also printed on reinforced PVC or MESH airflow material which allows the wind to blow through tiny holes in the mesh making them ideal to cover an entire scaffolding face safely.


If you have a special job up at the moment and want to advertise the fact that you supplied the scaffolding or your company is carrying out the work. Larger banners could be bennificial in getting your company name seen, it makes sense,




large digitally printed banners, go large and supersize your banners


Bannerland have been manufacturing and supplying PVC Banners - Scaffolding banners and general adverting banners for well over 18 years. In that time we've supplied thousands of banners to the Building, Scaffolding and Roofing trades. Building up a large national base of satisfied customers many of whom have become repeat customers who help to spread the word about bannerland to their friends in business. If you company is looking for a reliable supplier of quality banners and a competitive price, contact us for a quotation with no obligation to buy.


Digitally Printed PVC Banners - Screen Printed Scaffolding Banners - Digitally Printed Scaffold Banners - Large Format Banners that are large enough to cover the face of a department Store!


An ideal way to advertise your function, club, band, sporting event, exhibition or business, is with a banner. They are suitable for either interior or exterior use, are cost effective and re-usable, simply roll them up and store away.

Why not advertise your next event with one of our banners, contact us for a free quote here



It does not matter where you are based we supply banners, signs and scaffolding banners from our print studio in Bristol to businesses in London, Brighton, East sussex and as far away as Machester and Scotland. So wherever your company is based, we will supply.



no vat on our prices for banners

  • Screen Printed with Permanent Screen Printing Ink
  • The Design Will NOT PEEL OFF!
  • They are Water Proof!
  • They are Printed on Reinforced PVC!
  • They are Double Sided
  • They Have Metal Eyes In Each Corner


Standard sized scaffold banners measure 1m x 1m with sleeves top and bottom for poles. They can be made to any size but once they get so big they need to be digitally printed. See our Large Format banner sample prices here.